Art debate


Artists often create illusions. Using technique to make you see things well beyond just a 2D surface. The picture above proves how the eye and brain can be easily led […]

The 5 rules of modern art

So let’s play devil’s advocate here. Anything is “art” purely if the “artist” says that it is. No other criteria apply. This is irrefutable and cannot be challenged. The physical […]

The British Royal Art Collection needs returning to the public

Monarchs are very good at collecting art, they can expropriate vast sums from the public to pay for it, they have huge homes to hang it in, they are well […]

What is art?

There doesn’t exist a single compelling definition of what the word ART actually means, because the word is totally abstract and depends on the user, their education, their cultural heritage, […]

Nice video that shows how very rich people work and how the modern art market is an artificial construct. With more than a million works of art stored as investments […]

This is an interesting perspective and not far off what a lot of people (the majority?) think. Our popular press pour scorn on the Turner Prize every year. Does it […]